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SAI LNCPE Trivandrum recognizes the importance of providing its students with strong career support and placement opportunities. This placement portal is designed to address the current limitations of the existing system by fostering collaboration between various stakeholders and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process.

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Why SAI LNCPE Trivandrum

SAI LNCPE Trivandrum excels in placements by seamlessly integrating theory and practice for diverse roles in sports and physical education. The institution's robust placement portal ensures a smooth transition to professional success. It prioritizes robust career support and placement opportunities, tailoring the portal to overcome existing limitations, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, and streamlining the recruitment process for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. With an esteemed faculty, top-notch facilities, and a commitment to shaping well-rounded professionals, SAI LNCPE solidifies its reputation as the preferred choice for placements in the field.


SAI LNCPE offers a nurturing environment that fosters holistic growth and development, provides ample opportunities for networking and career progression, and maintains a strong alumni network. The institution's commitment to quality education, values-based learning, and continuous support ensures a lifelong connection and success for its alumni.

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SAI LNCPE achieves ranks and awards due to its legacy of excellence, expert faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, research and innovation, as well as collaborations with national and international organizations.

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Admission ProcessAdmission Process

LNCPE offers a streamlined and transparent admission process. It provides a variety of courses and specializations in physical education, ensuring students can pursue their desired field. The college has a strong reputation in the field of sports education and provides a conducive learning environment with excellent infrastructure and experienced faculty.

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All Round DevelopmentAll Round Development

LNCPE (Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education) is known for its comprehensive offerings in physical education and sports training, ensuring all-round development. With a wide range of programs, state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and career-oriented opportunities, LNCPE benefits students by fostering physical, mental, and personal growth.

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priencipal message

Principal Message

It gives me immense pleasure as well as a professional joy to say that this College, affiliated to the University of Kerala, is one of the best institutions in Physical Education and Sport...

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Dr. G. Kishore

Principal and Regional Head, SAI LNCPE Region

Recruitment process

Our process has evolved over year to ensure that our recruiters have a seamless hiring experience. Here we have simplified the steps for you.


Placement Office appoints a point of contact and invites recruiting organizations.


Recruiters create online accounts on a designated web URL.


Recruiters create jobs/internships with required details.


Placement Incharge verifies job details, including remuneration.


Verified jobs are made available online for student applications.


Recruiters view resumes, shortlist candidates, and proceed with tests/screening.


Recruiters coordinate with the Placement Office to finalize schedules for campus interviews.


The organisation confirms interview dates with the Placement Office.


After interviews, organisations provide a list of students receiving offers and the placement office notifies the organisation of accepted students.


Organizations generate and deliver offer letters to selected candidates based on online job details.

Contact Us

Dr. G.Kishore, Principal

0471-2412189, 2418712

Dr. Sanjeev S Patil, Asst. Professor

+91 79946 07910

Dr. Sudheesh C S, Asst. Professor

+91 95264 30184