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Faculty & Staff


    Dr. G Kishore Principal

    Members of the Teaching Faculty

      Dr George Mathew Associate Professor
        Dr Pradip Dutta Associate Professor
          Dr Sadanandan C S Associate Professor
            Dr MN Sawant Associate Professor
              Dr Lamlun Buhril Associate Professor
                Lt. Lovey Debora Cruz Associate Professor
                  Dr Ashutosh Acharya Assistant Professor
                    Dr Sanjeev S Patil Assistant Professor
                      Dr Sanjay Kumar Prajapati Assistant Professor
                        Dr Sudheesh CS Assistant Professor
                          Dr Narendra Gangwar Assistant Professor

                          Administrative Staff

                            Shri Ravi NS Deputy Director
                              Mr. Primjithlal PF Deputy Director
                                Smt. Cisy Paul K.G Assistant
                                  Smt Sisymol K.G Assistant
                                    Smt Lathika MP Assistant
                                      Sh. Raveendran Nair S Assistant
                                        Shri Gopa Kumar P Grounds man
                                          Shri Ajith Kumar A Grounds man
                                            Shri Suresh Kumar K Grounds man
                                              Shri Pratap Chandran CB Groundsman
                                                Shri Sasidharan Nair R Safai Karamchari

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