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Applied research presents opportunities for students and employees to support the academic vision of the college, to contribute to the Sports and Physical Education Community, and to enhance student experience. Applied research, as well as other types of research, are encouraged at SAI-LNCPE as inseparable elements of higher studentship, imagination and the pursuit of knowledge. At SAI-LNCPE we are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to real-world challenges in Physical education, sports sciences and other allied areas of health and fitness, with faculty and student researchers.

Here are some of the ways we typically offer research support to our students and faculties:

  • Connect you with others doing research in your area of interest (Colleagues, community groups, other academic institutions)
  • Identify funding opportunities in your area and assist in writing grant applications
  • Promote the participation of students/faculty in conferences/seminars/workshops from time to time.
  • Provide a venue for discussion of innovative ideas and topics of interest (Brainstorming sessions, networking meetings, etc.)
  • Provide guidance in the application process for teaching release time for your research
  • Provide guidance in the requirements of the ethics review process
  • Offer the guidance to student researchers by renowned faculties/researchers in a specified area of Physical education/Sport sciences. 
  • Designated as a Nodal centre for Research by the University of Kerala, in Physical education. 

In SAI-LNCPE we always promote research which Contributes to talent identification and performance enhancement in sports. Research in SAI-LNCPE has the strong potential for practical or experiential learning experiences for our students and also has the potential to transform lives and enrich health.

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